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Elevate your event,

space or brand

+Add our immersive and captivating

audio-visual experiences

+Add an Eboman performance

Elevate your event with an Eboman performance. Eboman is a pioneer in the field of audio-visual shows and has toured the world for over 20 years with his innovative style and EboStudio’s technology. Customised to your event Eboman energises your audience with his Fun&Bass DVJ set or engages them with his live sampling SenSorSuit or Augmented Stage performances.

+Add our event technology
and design

We conceptualize, design, and execute seamless audiovisual experiences tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Have a look at our work for ASML, Delic, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Diesel or Cirque du Data.

+Add a custom interactive installation

We build hardware and software “whatever it takes” to develop entirely new effective means to create audiovisual experiences. We push the boundaries of technology, providing solutions that inspire, engage, and resonate with the audience. Have a look at our work for Museum of World Cultures, Arjen Lubach, TMobile, ID&T, GebouwT and CineKid.

We love brainstorming new ideas! Give us a call, or join us for a cup of tea, and let’s have an open-ended conversation about your project and its challenges.
Hamerstraat 1E
1021 JT Amsterdam