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Event  Technology
and  Design

Lone Wolf

We created all the visuals and software for the legendary Dutch hip hop producer  Delic‘s Lone Wolf live shows. Using our software, he could mix, manipulate, and trigger the visuals in real-time with a drum kit and MIDI controllers.

ASML 35 years

For ASML we produced an interactive audio-visual show for their 35 year celebration at the Dutch Technology Week. For this presentation we used a 3D camera and custom build interactive video software to tell the amazing history of ASML and nano-technology.


For Schauspielhaus Bochum (in Bochum, Germany), we developed custom software and designed the music and video projections for their theater production of ‘Der Steppenwolf’.

Cirque du Data

CLEVER°FRANKE and cultural city lab RAUM approached us to help design audio-visual compositions and software for their Cirque du Data ‘circus show’.

55DSL Fashion Show

Fashion brand Diesel invited us to design the visuals and music for the presentation of their new 55DSL summer collection.

Motion Tracking Suit

For audio-visual artist Eboman we developed the SenSorSuit. The SenSorSuit is a wire-less body motion tracking suit to control audio-visual software.

We love brainstorming new ideas! Give us a call, or join us for a cup of tea, and let’s have an open-ended conversation about your project and its challenges.
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