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Be the DJ

For TMobile (a telecom provider) we produced an interactive installation at the Amsterdam Music Festival and the Flying Dutch Festival. The installation let festival vistors be a virtual DJ on the main stage. The next day each visitor received a personalized after movie of the whole event featuring them DJ-ing next to Showtek, Amin van Buuren, DJ Harwell and David Guetta. Using a pair of virtual reality glasses connected to a 360º camera on the main stage, people were able to watch the event live from the DJ booth at the main stage.

Festival after movie

Using virtual reality glasses is a very cool experience, but it is only accessible to a limited number of people. So we added another interactive experience to the dome. While visitors waited for their turn with the virtual reality glasses, they were filmed with a 3D camera. As each person passed by the camera, high-energy music played for 20 seconds, and the visitor saw themselves on the main stage as the DJ of the event in real time. People would jump, dance, and showcase their ‘DJ skills,’ creating a fun and lively atmosphere. The next day, these video recordings were used to create an aftermovie of the Flying Dutch Festival, starring each visitor as the DJ on the main stage. The video featured a VJ show with their name and clips of them wearing the virtual reality glasses in the dome. This personalized video was easily shareable, and because people were featured in the video, they enthusiastically shared it. As a result, T-Mobile and their dome with the virtual reality experience reached a wider audience in a cool and engaging way.