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Interactive Tracks

The Cinekid festival asked us to create a creative installation for their festival and take on tour through the Netherlands. So we created the Interactive Tracks installation for them. With the Interactive Tracks installation children (7-14 yr.) easily make visual music with video recordings.

Easy, creative & fun

The Interactive Tracks application guides children through the creative process. All creative features work in real time, so kids can play, experiment and improvise in an intuitive, playful way. They use audio-visual effects, create audio-visual rhythms, basslines, harmonies and melodies and mix videos and graphics in real time, in 3D! The installation provided the children with many objects to sample and to dress themselves up. The final result was projected on a big video screen for everybody to see and hear. Together they created a funky, creative dance party .

Audio visual instrument

Easy instructions guide the children through the creative process. They record videos and then distort and mix them with real-time audio visual effects in 3D. The intelligent sequencer cuts the video recording and fits it into the sequence immediately, so children can easily try different ideas. The sequencer analyses the image and sound to transform it into beats, melodies and harmonies instantly, so children can play and morph intuitively.