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For over two decades Eboman has been touring the world with his innovative audio-visual performances, earning an international reputation as a pioneer in video sampling and visual music. With his DVJ, SenSorSuit and Augmented Stage shows he performed at stages like LowLands festival, EXIT, Sonar, Tomorrowland, Fuji Festival, Pinkpop, Brixton Academy, Lincoln Center and Centre Pompidu and worked for clients such as Telefonica, Nike, Heineken, Apple, Agnes B, Nokia, XS4ALL, Bløf, Doe Maar, Ferry Corsten, ID&T, Ray-Ban, Deloitte, Fortis, Achmea, Friesche Vlag, Levi’s, KPN, Caixa and Sony Playstation. 

Fun & Bass DVJ

In Eboman’s latest DVJ live performance he skillfully blends TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos to create a fun(ky) and energetic show. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see. You will be both dancing and laughing simultaneously. Common show duration is 30 to 90 minutes. It is easy to produce, so suitable for a wide range of stages and audiences. Customizable on request.


Together with EboStudio, Eboman created the SenSorSuit. This body motion tracking suit and tailor-made software enables him to make video recordings with the audience live (image and sounds) and morph them into the audio-visual show. They become part of the melodies, the beats and see themselves star in the visual composition. A fun and exhilarating experience. Truly ‘rocking the crowd’. Great for special events, like product presentations, openings and activations. Common show duration is 10 to 30 minutes.  Customizable on request.

Augmented Stage

With EboStudio’s Augmented Stage technology, Eboman (or anybody else) can literally step into the audio-visual composition on the screen, walk around in this artistic, virtual world and interact with all videos and graphics live. Walk around Michael Jackson on stage, interrupt a television show, be the drummer in a music video, jump between explosions,  move objects, throw away a logo, … the possibilities are limitless. A great, unique way to tell your story! Common show duration is 5 to 15 minutes. Fully customizable.

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