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For ID&T, a Dutch organizer of many Dance festivals and events worldwide, we produced an interactive installation for their 3.000 square meter immersive experience, AMAZE.

Arjen Lubach

For the popular Dutch TV show “De Avondshow met Arjen Lubach,” we developed specialized video software that allows the host, Arjen Lubach, to trigger and manipulate video clips in real-time during the show.

ZDF FakeChecker

Creative agency CapeRock invited us to produce the interactive installation ‘FakeChecker’ for German broadcast company ZDF.


Senna is an audio-visual instrument for children made for the ‘Klankspeeltuin’ (‘Sonic Kindergarten’) and for the MixMax experience in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Senna guides children step-by-step through the exciting process of creating an audio-visual composition.

Visual Music apps

Discover a groundbreaking way to engage with brands through ‘Interactive Tracks’. Interactive Tracks are interactive music videos with integrated creative functions to remix and personalize them.

Be the DJ

For TMobile (a telecom provider) we produced an interactive installation at the Amsterdam Music Festival and the Flying Dutch Festival. The installation let festival vistors be a virtual DJ on the main stage.

Interactive Narrow Casting

For concerthall Gebouw T we produced an interactive narrow casting system. For this system we created custom real-time motion graphics software to allow visitors to ‘step into the screen’ and become part of the visual compositions.

Haai Alarm

TV show De Buitendienst asked us to make a fun interactive installation for the ‘Zapp Your Planet’ event, based around the theme ‘Shark Alert’. We created the concept, software, music and visuals.

Interactive Tracks

The Cinekid festival asked us to create a creative installation for their festival and take on tour through the Netherlands. With the Interactive Tracks installation children (7-14 yr.) easily make visual music with video recordings.

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