We build interactive video and show control technology for creatives: DVJ’s, audiovisual artists, agencies, performers, DJ’s, event organisations, media producers and their audiences. For creatives we build technology that enables them to produce an unparalleled audiovisual experience. We provide the crowd with tools that empower them to customize these experiences and share them with the rest of the world.

We develop technology for presentations, immersive exhibits, branding, retail experiences, concerts and events. From stage to screen, from web to mobile, from in-store to on-stage.

Our engineers have years of experience building innovative experience technology. We use the programming language and hardware that fits the job best. That’s often Java, C++, Objective C, Java Script, OpenGL, HTML5, MAX, Max4Live and all kinds of hardware like Microsoft’s Kinect, Ableton’s Push or Nintendo’s WII controller.

We like to do what has not been done before so share your idea, vision or dream. We will build the creative engine that brings it to life.

Interactive show control for dj's, performers and event designers

Nowadays show visuals are not confined to screen projections. They are part of complex multi sensory experiences consisting of audio, video, lighting, stage machinery, animatronics, lasers, special effects and even pyrotechnics. We have built show systems and interfaces that control such multi media formats. Our show control network approach guarantees unparalleled control to adapt the choreography of the show to the energy of the crowd or any other trigger.


But we like to take show control a step further and make it interactive. We have a lot of experience in building technology for shows where the performer/presenter is in direct control of the show. Using sensors, 3D cameras or motion tracking he can control the timing of the show, interact with the images on the screen and any other show element in realtime thereby direct the show live or collaborate with the crowd. These configurations guarantee maximum audience engagement.

Interactive installations for retail, exhibits and immersive experiences

We  specialize in building interactive installations, where the customer becomes the main actor in the audiovisual experience. This guarantees unparalleled  brand and product engagement. Customers can become actors, musicians or moviemakers in a professional production. The combination of professional content, automation and personalization guarantees high quality end results that have a huge WOW factor and which they love to share. Why promote your products solely by testimonials while your customers could do it much better?

Customizable and interactive video apps

We develop interactive video technology for mobile devices. These apps empower users to create audiovisual experiences themselves by enhancing, remixing and personalizing professionally produced content. It makes for interactive music videos, interactive commercials, presentations and interactive storytelling apps. This technology gives media producers a handle to have their products promoted by their audience who in turn become savvy media makers.