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Motion Tracking Suit

In his SenSorSuit performances, Eboman creates an energetic audio-visual show together with the audience. Utilizing EboStudio’s SenSorSuit, a motion tracking suit equipped with 32 sensors, Eboman effortlessly engages with the crowd. EboStudio’s unique ‘real-time motion graphics software’ enable Eboman to control every aspect of the show live.

Tailored to your event

The SenSorSuit show is customized to match the event’s theme. By incorporating logos, custom images, and animations, the show tells the story of the brand or event, creating a unique and engaging experience tailored specifically to the occasion. We have successfully produced shows for many branding events, including the launch of the iPhone 6, the unveiling of a new video game for Sony PlayStation, and the King’s Day celebration for Ray-Ban, among many others.

Live Sampling

As Eboman manipulates audio-visual tracks through his suit, he simultaneously captures live video recordings of the audience, seamlessly integrating these clips into the performance. This innovative approach allows the audience to see and hear themselves as part of the music and visuals, creating a genuinely immersive live experience!

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