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Augmented Stage

Augmented Stage

With Augmented Stage, Eboman—or anyone else—can literally step into the audio-visual composition on the screen, walk around in this artistic, virtual world and interact with all videos and graphics live. Eboman can walk around Michael Jackson on stage, interrupt a television show, be the drummer in a music video, jump between explosions,  move objects, throw away a logo, and much more—the possibilities are limitless. This technology allows Eboman to create an innovative and exhilarating show that captivates and excites the audience.

Augmented interactive

Augmented Stage is not only perfect for performances and shows, but also exceptionally useful for presentations and talks. Imagine Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote, but supercharged. Instead of merely displaying slides with information, you can actually step into the slide and interact with the subject matter directly. For example, we used this concept for a presentation about the history of ASML and the e-Codex conference of the European Union about eJustice and the launch of the new YouTube channel of Brasil’s Ministry of Tourism at Grand Central Station New York and for the Mercedes Smart Art Awards ceremony.

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