iTracks tour dates

September 8, 2016 / posted by:

This year you can play with the EboTracks interactive installation at many more CineKid festival locations and make your own music and videoclips.


Our EboTracks installation was a great succes at the CineKid festival last year. Hundreds of kids made hundreds of video music tracks together. This year you can play with this installation at the following locations:


– 20/21 september Tilburg Medialab Cubiss Spoorzone

– 22/23 september Hilversum Image and Sound Institute

– 15-30 oktober Cinekid festival on Location, in Groningen

– 15-30 oktober Cinekid festival on Location, in Bussum

– 15-30 oktober Cinekid festival on Location, in Enschede
– 1/2 november Eindhoven Medialab Cubiss in Natlab

– 22/23 november Breda Medialab Cubiss in Electron


Bookings and production: Cinekid

Concept and design: Eboman

Technology: EboStudio