We empower professional performers and show designers with 3d augmented interactive video technology that enables them to create shows you have not seen before.

We do the same for retail experiences but then you, the customer, are in charge. We make it possible for you to dance with Daniel Gray in the Bijenkorf in your new dress and put that video online. If you prefer instead to enter a Bruce Lee movie and fight him, we won’t stop you.

But that’s not all. Our interactive apps for web and mobile empower you to enter a proffesional based story as a performer, storyteller or director. From participating to taking over, you are guided by pros to create unforgettable experiences that you want to publish and distribute.

Since 1999 we have been producing real time video based on our in house developed software. For that we won in 2008 the Webby Award, the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet including Websites, interactive advertising and online film and video.